Corn Maze Cutting

How we do it?

    1. We start by choosing a theme in March/April each year.
    2. Once we have the theme, we can begin to fine tune the images that we want to see in the maze design along with making it "maze-like" and challenging. This design process sometimes takes multiple edits before we get it exactly the way we like it.
    3. The next step is planting the corn. We usually plant the corn maze field around July 4th. The field is planted in two directions (north-south, then east-west). This provides a nice, dense corn field for the maze.
    4. After about 10-14 days the corn is around 6-8 inches tall. At this point, we triangulate the center lines using surveying techniques and cut out the pathways for the maze. The remaining corn grows quickly leaving the image of the corn maze for all of us to enjoy in the fall.

It's a bit of magic and impressive to see from an aerial perspective via an airplane or a drone. We've noticed local airplanes, helicopters and even a blimp circle our field as they check out the corn maze images over the years.


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