U-Pick Blueberries

June is Blueberry Month

Blueberry picking is NOW CLOSED for 2016. We look forward to picking again in May 2017.

Stay tuned on our Facebook Page for updates. The patch is subject to change based on weather conditions and crop care.

Varieties include: Eariblue, Bluecrop and Jersey

Blueberry picking preparation, tips and etiquette:
  • To begin, please come find a Fifer staff person inside our Country Store for daily picking instructions.
  • Containers are provided for your convenience.
  • After receiving your container and instructions, follow the U-Pick blueberry signs out to the patch. Please do not stray out from the designate picking areas. This is a working farm with equipment such as tractors, trucks and forklifts operating on the other side of the fences. Please heed the DO NOT ENTER signage for your safety and ours.
  • Only pick in rows that are marked with orange ribbons. Orange ribbons indicate where the best picking is located.
How to Pick:

Ripe blueberries are plump, deeply colored and tinged with a powdery complexion.

  • Pick only the ripe berries and leave the green berries to ripen for a later day. Green berries will not ripen after picking.
  • Ripe berries should release easily from the bush.
  • Size is not an important characteristic. Small blueberries taste just as good, if not better, than large berries. Again, color is the most important quality to look for.
  • The best berry picking is usually on the far end of the patch where fewer pickers venture. A little extra walking is usually worth the effort for easy, prime picking.
  • All produce should be washed before eating at home. Please do not consume blueberries in the field.
  • Do not overfill your containers to where berries are falling on the ground. The weight of overfilled containers crushes the berries at the bottom. A level-filled container is best. You can always get additional containers if needed.
  • Children must be under adult supervision at all times.
  • When you get home…cool your berries down as soon as possible after picking.
  • Do not wash blueberries until right before you are ready to eat them.
  • Check the weather forecast and dress accordingly. It’s always best to wear comfortable closed toed shoes. Sandals and flip flops are not recommended in the patch.
  • No pets allowed in the strawberry patch per food safety guidelines
  • We work hard to keep Fifer Orchards clean and enjoyable. Please do not leave trash in the fields. Waste baskets are available for your convenience.
  • Restrooms and hand sinks are available. Beverages are available for sale in our Country Store.
Freezing Tips:

Do not wash blueberries prior to freezing. Place the berries in your freezer on a cookie sheet single layered. After frozen, move the berries into freezer tight containers or plastic bags and then place back in the freezer for long term storage. The berries are good for up to 1 year in the freezer. Great for smoothies!