U-Pick Sunflowers

Sunflower Picking

Thousands of sunflowers will be available for U-pick and photo opportunities for a limited time in June/July.  The harvest for sunflowers is a short window, so please stay tuned for exact dates on our Facebook page so you don't miss out!

Coming June/July

Limited time only

Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for daily updates.
The patch is subject to change based on weather conditions and crop care.

How It Works

Important details. Please read fully.

  1. When you arrive, please park in the grass parking lot designated for U-Pick customers.
  2. Next, find a Fifer staff person inside our Country Store for daily picking instructions on weekdays.
    On Saturdays, there may be an attendant in the patch.
    We are closed Sundays.
  3. IMPORTANT! You must bring your own cutting shears for harvesting the sunflowers. The stems are thick, so shears are recommended. You cannot break the stems off with your hands.
  4. Cut the beautiful sunflowers, get them in a bucket of water, take them home quickly & enjoy!

Bring your own bucket! We will provide fresh water for your buckets. It’s important that you get your sunflowers home quickly to place in a vase or source of water to keep them fresh. You must change the water daily for freshness.

Please do not walk outside the sunflower field area. This is a working farm with equipment such as tractors, trucks and forklifts in operation. Please pay attention to the ‘do not enter’ signage for your safety and ours.

5 for $10
12 for $20
Please note: Immediate family members can share the flowers.

$5 from every sunflower dozen sold will go to

Photography Policy

  1. Photographers are welcome, but must purchase flowers to enter the sunflower field.
  2. No props of any kind are permitted.
  3. After hours photo shoots are not permitted. Our sunflower patch is open from 9am-6pm during our Country Store hours.
  4. Any photographer clients must also purchase flowers to enter the sunflower field.

A Great Photo Opportunity 🌻

The Country Store is stocked with summer fruits and veggies, strawberries, fresh apple cider, apple butter, local honey, apple cider doughnuts, fresh baked pies, unique specialty foods & summer decor items.

Important Notes & Tips

  • Wear Comfortable Shoes

    Comfortable, closed toed shoes are recommended on the farm.

  • Most Areas Are Stroller Friendly, However...

    Most areas are stroller friendly. We are a working farm with some unpaved, uneven walking surfaces.

  • Restrooms Are Available

    Restrooms are available for customer use.

  • Sunscreen Is Recommended

    Sunscreen is recommended. The sun can be sneaky, even during cloudy days.

  • Children Under 12

    Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • No Smoking

    Fifer’s is a non-smoking campus. This includes e-cigarettes. Thank you.

  • Pet Policy

    We love pets, however…unless you have a service animal, please leave your pets at home when attending our festivals, experiencing our U-Pick crops and shopping at our Country Store. Food, children, and strange animals just don’t mix and Health Department regulations prohibit pets on our farm grounds. Thank you for your understanding.

***Please be aware that participation in all activities is entirely at your own risk.***

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