Shop Safely Together

For the safety of our staff and guests:
✔️ All of our staff have pledged to follow all CDC guidelines. Each person answers daily health questions and has their temperature taken upon arrival to work.
✔️ Our staff washes their hands frequently and wears single-use gloves, when appropriate.
✔️ Our staff all wear face coverings.
✔️ We sanitize highly touched surfaces on a regular basis with CDC approved sanitizer products.
✔️ Our restrooms are currently closed to the public.
✔️ Electro-static disinfectant is professionally applied by Enviro-Master.

How you can help us when you visit the Farm Store:
✔️ Stay home if you have a fever or are feeling sick.
✔️ Maintain a safe 6-foot social distance between you and others while shopping.
✔️ Wear a face covering when inside our Farm Store.
✔️ Please shop with as few members of your family as possible to reduce crowds in our store.
✔️ Please do not bring reusable bags from home at this time.
✔️ Credit and Debit cards or contactless forms of payments are preferred. We also accept EBT cards and Fifer gift cards. Cash will be accepted as a last resort.

We appreciate your patience, understanding and support. See you at the farm!