Stewardship and Farming Practices

The Fifer family has a proud heritage of farming the fertile soils of Kent County Delaware for almost 100 years.  Our farm has preserved many acres in farm production and open space.  These lands are home to many species of wildlife, native plants, forests, ponds and our fruit and vegetable crops.

Being good stewards of the land is essential to the long term success and mission of our family farm.  Our livelihood depends on the land that we are blessed to farm and we treat it with the utmost respect and care.  Our focus is safe, sustainable farming practices that preserve our environment, reduce waste, and promote healthy growing systems.  These actions ensure quality, freshness and nutrition.  Growing a wide variety of crops enables our farm to practice a very strict crop rotation.  This is critical to soil health and reduces pest pressures.

The fruits and vegetables grown at Fifer Orchards are ‘Non-GMO’.

Fifer Orchards is proud to be a G.A.P. certified farm.

G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practices) is a not-for-profit organization and worldwide standard in safe, sustainable agricultural production.

The Global G.A.P. standard provides:

  • Safe and sustainable food
  • Safe production methods
  • Responsible use of resources
  • Welfare of workers and animals
  • Protection of scarce resources
  • Valuable reassurance for consumers

Our farm is honored to grow nutritious fruits and veggies for our family and our community to enjoy. We invite you to share the harvest with us this season.