Stayman Apples

A ‘Stayman’ (or ‘Stayman Winesap'[1]) is a triploid apple cultivar developed in 1866 by Joseph Stayman of Leavenworth County, Kansas; it was sold by nurseries from 1895. ‘Stayman’ apples remain a locally popular cultivar of apples where grown.

Rome Apples

The ‘Rome’ apple (also known as ‘Red Rome’, ‘Rome Beauty’, ‘Gillett’s Seedling’) is a cooking apple originating near Rome Township, Ohio, in the early 19th century. It remains popular for its glossy red fruit and for its utility in cooking.

Pink Lady Apples

‘Cripps Pink’ is a cultivar of apple. It is one of several cultivars, from which apples that meet quality standards can be sold under the trade mark name Pink Lady. ‘Cripps Pink’ was originally bred by John Cripps at the (then named) Western Australia Department of Agriculture by crossing the Australian apple ‘Lady Williams’ with a ‘Golden Delicious’ to combine …

Granny Smith Apple

The ‘Granny Smith’ is a tip-bearing apple cultivar, which originated in Australia in 1868. It is named after Maria Ann Smith, who propagated the cultivar from a chance seedling. The tree is thought to be a hybrid of Malus sylvestris, the European Wild Apple, with the domestic apple M. domestica as the polleniser. The fruit has hard, light green skin …

Gold Rush Apples

A modern disease-resistant apple variety related to Golden Delicious, with crisp hard flesh and a good sugar / acid balance.

Braeburn Apples

The ‘Braeburn’ is a cultivar of apple that is firm to the touch with a red/orange vertical streaky appearance on a yellow/green background. Its color intensity varies with different growing conditions.

Autumn Rose Fuji Apple

An improved red sport of Fuji with the same outstanding qualities of the original. The fruit is large, very firm and colors with a prominent red stripe over a yellow background color.

Arkansas Black Apples

Arkansas Black apples are generally medium-sized with a somewhat flattened shape. Generally a very dark red on the tree, occasionally with a slight green blush where hidden from the sun, the apples grow darker as they ripen, becoming a very dark red or burgundy color. With storage the skin continues to darken. Arkansas Black is one of the darkest of …

Shizuka Apples

Same parentage as Mutsu (Crispin). Large. Yellow with red-orange blush. Sweeter with less acid than Mutsu (not necessarily preferable), but excellent flavor.

Mutsu Apples

The Mutsu apple (also known as Crispin) was introduced in 1948 and is a cross between the ‘Golden Delicious and the ‘Indo’ apple cultivars first grown in Japan, and named after the Mutsu Province of Japan.